About The Brand

In a world often marked by division, conflict, and adversity, Invited Clothing stands as a beacon of hope—a reminder that amidst life's challenges, God extends an extraordinary invitation of love, provision, and triumph. Inspired by the profound imagery of God preparing a table before us in the presence of our enemies, our Christian streetwear brand celebrates this divine invitation.


We believe that this invitation goes beyond a mere meal. It represents a powerful act of God's grace and sovereignty—a declaration that His love and provision are unfailing, even in the face of opposition. Just as a host prepares a table to welcome and honor guests, God sets a table before us, inviting us into His presence, His abundance, and His victory.


Our clothing captures the essence of this invitation. Each design is carefully crafted to embody the beauty and significance of God's provision. Our streetwear becomes a tangible expression of the transformative power found in accepting His invitation and partaking in His divine feast.


Wearing Invited Clothing is more than just donning fashionable apparel—it's a symbol of acceptance, resilience, and triumph. It signifies that we are invited to experience the fullness of life in God's presence, regardless of the obstacles we face. It serves as a reminder that God's provision transcends our circumstances and that His table is set, overflowing with grace, love, and victory.